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With the final race of the Red Hook Crit series in the bag and the accumulated fatigue from a long season of racing making me feel somewhat lethargic and unmotivated, I decided to take a couple of weeks off training to rest up and get all stoked about training again.


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Because my life is quite hectic what with my self employed status, heaps of travelling and the fact nothing ever really quite stops (fixed crits might be over but it’s now cyclocross and track racing season) I didn’t really have enough free time to dedicate to putting my legs up and relaxing. With a trip to Taiwan imminent and no clear blocks of time after that between now and Christmas, I realised my ‘break’ had to be now, even though I had a 24 hour track bike raced planned right for the middle of it.



My plan wasn’t to take the event too seriously, seeing as it was right in the middle of my ‘downtime.’ But then things don’t always go quite to plan, particularly when racing is concerned.

I turned up to Cyclone24 in Newport not having ridden a bike since Red Hook Crit and unsure whether my legs would play ball – would the previous week’s rest mean I’d be faster than ever or would my legs, now accustomed to being lazy refuse to fire up and get pushing? Feeling very relaxed about the whole affair, I lazily changed into my kit and strolled over for a photo with our team, the members including my husband Dave Noakes, ex-world champion Nik Cook, two of the event’s organisers and a local rider called Charlie.

Check out the video for a full run down of the day:



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