Final Agency

A dynamic consultancy with a difference, Final Agency deliver inspiring messages in every medium.

We’ve unique ideas, strong influencer outreach, and create and deliver meaningful and impactful consumer marketing campaigns and brand experiences.

We curate and produce product launches, shop opening and parties and create the buzz your brand deserves. Our marketing strategies and grass roots activities impact large groups of consumers on a personal level.

We work across all areas of sport, fashion and design. Our insider knowledge is invaluable to producers, start ups, charities and brands and our copywriting and PR skills ensure your story reaches the right audience.

From our legendary parties to our product launches, we connect you with journalists, bloggers and style leaders and celebrate your brand in style.

We contribute regularly to glossies, broadsheets and websites on cycling, action sports and the outdoors.

​Clients past and present include: Charge Bikes, Knog, London Cycling Campaign, Tokyo Fixed, Absolut, Federal BMX, Carharrt, Vans, Red Bull, Victorinox, Elephant Gun Films and Wah Nails.

Need help on your unique project? We’re here to advise you.

Please contact Juliet Elliott to discuss your needs.