Testing the Specialized Diverge gravel bike

I’ve always enjoyed mixing up the kind of racing that I do. I get excited by trying new stuff, love a challenge and enjoy pushing my limits. As I detailed in my previous post, I’m certainly not entirely fearless and I frequently question whether I’m capable, fast enough or resilient enough to do as well as I want to in all these events. But the important thing is that I don’t let fear stop me…. I notice those thoughts but I don’t let them influence my choices.


As I mentioned last week, new to me this year is gravel racing but there was one hurdle…hurdle when s not actually having a gravel bike. Luckily, I decided to ask if I could try one of of Specialized’s Diverge Expert demo bikes and received the answer I was looking for!



In this video, I set up the bike and head out for a first ride and wonder which are the best tyres for gravel racing.  This isn’t a review; I would like to log more miles on the bike before I tell you my thoughts. Instead, it gives a decent overview of the Specialized, showing you what it’s capable of right out of the box. Over the coming months, I’ll be trying new tyres and components, testing out the different suspension springs in the Future Shock. Stay tuned!

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