Review: Oakley EVZero sunglasses

Oakley’s newest sports sunglasses, the EVZero are the company’s lightest yet and ideal for both running and cycling.

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Available in two shapes – the Path and larger Range lenses, the glasses do away with a frame altogether to shave off precious grams and increase the field of vision.

I opted for the Range Prizm road lens in Infrared, the look of which has proven to be divisive in the extreme – this bright, bold pair of shades are definitely not for the shy and retiring. Personally, I’d have preferred them without the etched outline of the individual lens – I don’t think it adds much but I do love the colour.

Clarity of vision is superb. The Prizm lens blocks certain colour wavelengths to increase clarity, which in practice means that you can see better on both sunny and overcast days. I definitely felt that everything looked sharp and I was able to spot rough patches on the road with ease. Despite being large, the edges of the lens didn’t make my vision distorted and I really liked the unobstructed view made possible by the lack of a frame. An Iridium® coating reduces glare.


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When it comes to safety, Oakley have opted to cut the entire lens from a sheet of Plutonite®, that filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB and UVC light. Because the filter is part of the lens rather than a coating, you can’t scratch it off so there’s no danger of light getting through the scratches and damaging your eyes. Supposedly the lens material is very durable in a crash, though luckily I’ve not tested that feature yet.


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The arms are coated with the same soft, rubber coating that the nose pads are made of and the glasses stayed put well, even when I sweating profusely. It’s worth noting that during a brutal HIIT session I didn’t even notice my glasses at all; they must have been very secure, light and unobtrusive as I was doing a hell of a lot of sprinting.

My conclusion? Feel fantastic, look kind of crazy!

Oakley EVZero Prizm Road. Infrared
RRP £140

Availble from Igero for £112

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