Last month I decided it would be fun to get together all the people from around the world, whom I sporadically communicate with, and host my first ever YouTube live session.

If you’ve never seen or even heard of YouTube live, essentially it can either involve broadcasting an event (say a race, gig or recital) or it can be as simple as hosting an informal chat and interacting in real time with viewers. It’s the latter that I chose to try out, though I may try live-streaming some rides and races now that I’ve got the GoPro 7 which comes with built in live streaming capability.

Me being me, rather than doing things simply the first time I decided to go all in and set up professional streaming equipment and software so that I could provide a quality viewing experience and keep the resulting video on my YouTube channel for people to watch in the future. As I’m already the owner of way too many cameras, I purchased hardware and leads for connecting one, downloaded and configured a bunch of software then got to grip with inputting codes. I tried to understand bitrates, stream keys and ingest servers. I attempted to get a clean HDMI output. I delved so deeply into the mysterious world of live streaming that I wasted an absolute shed load of time and made my head really hurt trying to understand.

Eventually, the internet let me down – it turns out some mice had nibbled the cables or a tree had blown down (or something like that – try getting a straight answer out of Talk Talk) so I turned to my iPhone instead. Miraculously, I was able to stream using my phone signal and my first YouTube session went live without a hitch!

I was pretty nervous about how it would go, wondering:

Would anyone show up to chat? Would I have enough stuff to talk about? Would I know the answers to any questions? Would I give the wrong answers when under pressure? Would I be able to keep things moving and entertaining?

In the end. it all went so well and was genuinely so enjoyable that I’ve scheduled another one for this month. This time the topic is Diet and Nutrition for Cyclists so get your questions ready, whether they’re about fuelling training, macronutrients, protein consumption, carb loading or anything else for that matter. Don’t worry if you just want to come along and listen/watch instead, and equally, don’t worry if you’d like to ask me about something else – go ahead and I’ll do my best to answer.

Let’s hope my first success wasn’t a fluke!

Join me this Thursday January 3rd at 8pm GMT using the link below:

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