Yorkshire Bicycle Show – Women In Cycling Panel

I’m excited to participate in a panel discussion on women and cycling next week at the Yorkshire Bike Show in Leeds.

I’ll be joined by Alice MarshEmily Chappel, Jenny Gwiazdowski and Elena Corchero to discuss how things have changed for women in cycling over recent years. We’ll also be discussing what we can do to encourage more women to jump on their bikes and how building a sense of community and sisterhood can foster an environment where ladies feel comfortable learning new skills.

Please come along and and give us your thoughts on all of the above, we’ll be speaking on Sunday 22nd September at 1pm.yorkshire bike show

About the Yorkshire Bike Show:

“Yorkshire is a rich tapestry of cycling success. Its sleepy vales provide a haven for Sunday club runs, tea-stops and cake; its hills have trained the legs of Olympic medallists and its local industries are forged from frame-builders and renowned retailers. On 20-22 September, The Yorkshire Bicycle Show will celebrate this heritage and all of you, bicycle lovers, cyclists, new converts and hardened veterans, are invited.”

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