Where have I been, and what have I been doing?

It feels like ages since I wrote a blog post, and that’s because it’s been a fair while. In general, it’s because I have to prioritise paid work over updating this site, and the other reason is quite simply that I’m out living rather than writing. Sometimes the last thing you want to do is write some more, when you’ve been doing it all damn day.

So here’s what happened – the sun showed her lovely face, I got hitched and I sodded off on honeymoon. So whilst I may not have been blogging, I’ve certainly been riding, not least on my honeymoon where I took two bikes, my skateboard and my surfboard. FUN with a capital ‘F.’ Whatever the hell that means.







Other than that, well I finished off my six week course down at Torbay Velopark, and they ladies were so happy with what Dave and I had taught them that they gave us wine and chocolates to thank us. What a lovely bunch. And I’ve been busy putting together Issue 8 of Coven Magazine, which is nearly (but not quite) ready. Whoot!

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