What Has Cycling Taught Me In 2015

As 2015 draws to a rainy and chilly close, I’ve had time to think back on what I’ve been up to on two wheels over the year, and one thing that struck me more than ever this year, is that I’ve learned a lot from just riding a bike.

There have been (and continue to be!) an awful lot of upheavals this year, and throughout all of it, cycling has been one of the constants that has has helped keep me calm and sane (kind of!), shaping my thinking and teaching me plenty of stuff that I probably should already have known.


Juliet Elliott Assos Charge Bikes rider-1


Head over to the Velovixen blog for my post on the lessons I’ve learn in 2015. I really hope they don’t come across as empowering, or motivational, because ew, yuck! It’s just a few thoughts I had whilst out on my bike.

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