Volcom and Cooler party

I went to the Volcom and Cooler party last night which was held underneath Shoreditch Town Hall.

The venue was amazing; an intricate web of cells, corridors and dead ends which featured artwork and installations by the artist Dashenka Prochazka. The exhibition entitled ‘Fear of Death is Fear of Life’ saw various dolls adorned with mexican day of the dead style embellishments dotted around and illuminated by candlelight. I also spotted some japanese doll totems lined up on some stairs to nowhere, some illustrations and other scuptural installations.

Some of the dolls and pictures were a little too cutesy for my own taste but I really loved the way everything was presented . The way Prochazka created shrines littered with candles and spaces to peek in was great.


I picked up a copy of the mag and spotted Minh Ai looking stylish inside.. I need to scan it again though…

PS> Emily and I ended up on the Volcom site looking drunk. Check out the link on the comment below.

PPS> Thanks Volcom and Cooler for the food, drink and good time.

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