Video: Woodland Riders Downhill Mountain Bike Race

On Easter Sunday I went to Tavistock to enter the Round 3 of the Woodland Riders Winter Series Downhill mountain bike race.

It was a random encounter that led me to even enter in the first place – I’d been chatting on Facebook with a local rider, Laura Griffiths, we’d arranged to go for a ride over at Tavi and I’d ended up having such a fun day riding that when she mentioned she was entering the race herself, I thought I’d give it a go too.

I have to confess, I woke up feeling a little unenthusiastic on the morning of the race. I opened the curtain to horrific looking weather and rain and hurricanes were forecast for the whole day. To make matters worse, my sleep had been disturbed all night as I ate too much pizza and banoffee pie and shared a bottle of wine with Dave the night before. We also had all four cats sharing our bed and Dave was snoring like a hurricane, so not so great.

Luckily, I’d entered in advance and didn’t want to waste my £25 so I got my stuff together, jumped in the car and headed over Dartmoor to the race.

I made a video diary of the day which you can check out on my YouTube channel or below. And speaking of YouTube I really am intending on keeping that promise of making more videos, so please subscribe to my channel and let me know what kind of thing you’d like to see!

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