Video: Women’s Mountain Bike Shred Day

Afternoon readers! I’ve just hopped off my rollers, my last hard interval session before racing Red Hook Crit in the bag. I’ve one more training session to complete (tomorrow) then we’re flying out to NYC on Thursday afternoon. Fingers crossed I am able to keep my jet lag in check and actually get some sleep on Friday night, mind you, I usually find that even when I feel crap on race day the work I’ve done in the months preceding is enough to see me through.

I managed to get my new YouTube video live yesterday so have a peek below to find out what we got up to on Saturday at the Women’s Social Mountain Bike ride that I organised. A big thanks to everyone who came down, to the guys at Scadson for doing such a good job with the park and to Dan for letting me pinch his drone footage for my edit.


Speaking of YouTube, if you’d like to get all my videos the minute they drop you really should subscribe to my channel. It always makes me chuckle when YouTubers say ‘It’s totally free to subscribe,’ because, yeah…duh… of course it is, YouTube is free! But anyway, if you’re keen on what I’m doing click Subscribe and please let me know in the comments what you think.

AND if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to ask me, you’re in luck because I’m going to make a video answering all the questions left (on the relevant post) on my Facebook page and Instagram account. So if you’d like advice or you just want to know what time I get up, ask away!


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