Video – Summer In My Shoes

GoPro lent me a camera this summer and whilst I had every intention of filming a shed load of clips, a fair amount of the time I’d get home and think, ‘damn, why the hell didn’t I film that?’

I wish I’d filmed my first fixed gear crit, my first road race, L’Eroica in Italy, more views from Dartmoor, some surfing, camping out etc, but I take it as a positive that I didn’t think to do so. Like many of my peers, too much of my time is spent sharing what I’m doing – via twitter and instagram, and too little is spent simply doing what I’m doing! Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy communicating with people via social media (not least as I’m fairly isolated where I live) but sometimes it’s better to remain switched off from the mainframe, to unplug and unwind.

Now summer is well and truly over and I enjoyed spending Sunday evening reviewing clips from the past few months and putting together a little edit. So here’s a small sampler of what I did during that glorious season. Hope you had a great summer too!

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