Video: Riding the new Charge Cooker 27 Plus

The guys at Charge Bikes are my longest running supporters, seeing fit to hook me up with the now iconic Charge Plug fixed gear bike way back when everyone was getting excited about riding single speeds in the city. I’ll forever be grateful to them for their support!

Just as my riding has evolved since then, so has the Charge Bikes line up and as the brand frequently pick up on new trends before they’re on anyone else’s radar, I often get to test out new, fun toys!

Along with disc brakes on road bikes and whether or not gravel bikes are something new or not, mountain bike tyre size has been a much debated topic in the bike industry, and after a brief foray into 29 inch bikes Charge have redesigned their Cooker range for the 27 plus/ demi-fat tyre size.

In this video, I have a play on the Cooker 4 27 Plus and tell the gang what I’ve been up to since our last video – mainly racing track bikes and riding mountain bikes. And if you’re interested to know how I got into mountain bikes after a shaky start, check out my post on the Strongher website.


Juliet rides again from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

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