VIDEO: New ASSOS women’s winter collection

My long term clothing sponsors ASSOS have really smashed it on the women’s clothing front this year, firstly with their Laalalai jersey that we launched in Barcelona at women’s cycling store Domenica and now with some select pieces of winter kit.

Obviously, I’ve known all about what items would be launched this autumn as we shot the video below last winter in the Swiss Alps but I wasn’t allowed to share any of the good stuff with you, my dear readers, until now.



I’ve always loved ASSOS’ women’s winter bib tights – they look the business, feel luxuriously warm and incorporate a world-renowned chamois/pad. I pretty much change over to them around November and don’t switch back until about April, living in them for my winter training.

Despite the fact I was convinced I already had the best women’s winter tights in the world, ASSOS have updated them and released a new version, the Habu Tights Laalalai. These new beauties use a water repellent, fast drying fabric that reinforced around the knees and an extra toasty fleece around the abdomen to keep you warm.

Immaculately cut contoured panels sweep around the leg in a very flattering design that also ensure stretch in the right places. At the front, you’ve a magnetic closure and ASSOS’s signature straps that go over the head and between your cleavage whilst the back features a lightweight, breathable panel so that you don’t get sweaty.

The chamois is ASSOS’ top of the range S7 insert that uses a dimpled pattern to avoid pressure spots and a ‘golden gate’ (!) which basically means that the middle section of the chammy is free floating so it moves with your body rather than staying put and creating friction.



But my favourite item has to be the matching jacket, the Habu Jacket Laalalai that’s featured in the video below, which will be my go-to this winter – I actually lived in the men’s Habu last year whilst eagerly awaiting the women’s version. This piece is thick and durable enough to withstand terrible weather and multiple washes whilst still being pretty lightweight and compact.

ASSOS have used something called Stratagon Light at the front which is a wind stopping fabric to prevent you losing body heat then you’ve a specially developed thermal material elsewhere. Wrist cuffs and collar are soft and neatly fitted to avoid wind blowing in and you’ve an elasticated strip and reflective stripe at th back, just under the roomy pockets. This being ASSOS, the cut and styling are superb.

Check them out in the video we made below and hit me up with any questions you might have!



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