Video: My Re-Energised Weekend At Bike Park Wales With The Peugeot 208



Sometimes life throws up unexpected opportunities, and I’m all for seizing them with both hands, so when Peugeot asked me if I fancied a weekend away in Wales driving the new 208 to one of my favourite spots to ride, of course I leapt at the chance. Dave and I love South Wales so much that when we decided to move back from Italy we very seriously considered living there – there’s just so much great mountain biking with numerous top-class trail centres, excellent singletrack, beautiful coasts and one of the country’s five indoor velodromes.

In the end, I chose Bike Park Wales for my Re-Energised Weekend, quite simply because I love it there and I’ll take any excuse for a visit. And as luck would have it, I got to ride the new blue trail, Terry’s Belly before it opened, which is ‘the longest blue descent in the UK, at 4.2km,’ extremely fun and packed full of fast swooping berms.





I also got to film with Liam Murphy which was great – I massively appreciated that Peugeot had taken the time to source someone who knows their stuff rather than just sending a random filmer with no idea about shooting mountain bikes stuff.

Anyway, I’m off to the Red Hook Crit tomorrow morning and I’ve got to pack, so I’ll leave you with the video to watch. Hope you like it!




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