Video: Improve Your Road Cycling with me!

A few weeks ago I headed up to the big smoke to go for a ride and dispense a few cycling tips for the Guardian. It was a really ridiculously, crazily, outrageously cold day and we started at the absolute crack of dawn so that our camera crew had plenty of time to film some beautiful shots aboard their complicated rigging.


Got my own personal film crew for the day!

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Riding out of London we headed down to Surrey and up to Box Hill, one of the most popular Strava segments in the world thanks to it being one of the few roads in the UK with switchbacks, but also because it’s a beautiful and enjoyable climb. I remember a couple of years back when we rode London Revolution we were nervously anticipating Box Hill on the second day and very much hoping we’d have enough legs left to tackle it. We’d heard SO much about it that it had become enormous in our minds. In the end, it was actually over rather quickly – too quickly really, considering how enjoyable it is.

Clearly, I’ve changed – I’m reminded of the time I was taken out for breakfast in London by my ex, and we had to ride up a very, very slight incline about 100 metres long when we took a detour through Finsbury Park. Extremely hungover, I complained that he hadn’t told me there were going to be hills…

Anyhow, here’s my video which includes a few hill climbing tips, though of course we all know that the only way to get better at climbing hills is by climbing them.



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