Video: Fixed 42 Fixed Gear World Championships


Sorry for the tardiness in getting this up here but somehow this video slipped through the net and I never got around to posting it on Bikes n’ Stuff. This summer has been as hectic as always so I’ve been trying to stay on top of all the different strands of things that make up my life but sometimes I slip up. If you’d like to see all my video as soon as they come out without having to wait for me to get my act together do subscribe to my YouTube channel – it’s totally free and will mean you’re the first to see new releases.

Speaking of that, I’ve not actually managed to get one done this week and I squarely blame our new kitten Socks. She is devastatingly cute and means my productivity has pretty much halved as I spend so much time either cuddling her and stroking her belly or scooping her out of my potted house plants   where she seems determined to play. Aside from kicking dirt absolutely everywhere, she also did a wee inside an upturned hat and a very expensive felt hat too. Scamp!

Anyway as you can see I get distracted easily. One minute I’m writing about YouTube and the next I’ve gone off on a tangent about cats. So back to the matter at hand – the Fixed 42 World Championships.



I won’t go into enormous detail here as the video is pretty much self explanatory but just briefly, Fixed 42 is a 42 km race on brakeless track bikes (aka fixies/fixed gear bikes) that sees participants race from outside Berlin along the autobahn and around the city centre on closed roads. It’s also unofficially the fixed gear world champs and as such, when I came second last year I became vice-champion!

I was excited to race for a second time in 2017 and lined up against an even bigger and stronger women’s field hoping with my eyes set on the podium once again. Check out the video below to find out what happened.



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