Video: Cycle Touring In Japan Is The Nuts!

Back in May of this year, myself and Dave Noakes touched down in Tokyo for a three week tour of Japan with our bicycles. He’d taken a little persuasion, for though he was keen on the idea of visiting Japan and loves bikes I think he’d been swayed by an outdated image of cycle touring being the boring reserve of fuddy duddy old people obsessed with Kendal Mintcake and compasses.

Now seeing as I can’t stand Kendal Mintcake, despite years of being given it by my father, and I’m absolutely crap with a compass, I had something totally different in mind to what Dave envisaged. And as I’m neither old nor boring I couldn’t see how cycle touring could be either.

I was right about the trip, as I knew I would be, and cycle touring won Dave over big-time. From morning till evening we were wide eyed at the scenery, the food, the mountains and some incredible beaches and now he wants to go again, so I win!

Whilst we were there we filmed a whole bunch of footage on our new camera, a Sony RX100 MKII, and were saved from the task of editing endless hours of drivel by Alex Rankin, who put together this great video for us. It captures the feeling of our trip so well that it nearly brought a tear to my eye; I got all emotional thinking back to the awesome times. A big thanks to Charge Bikes, Brooks and my family who helped us make the trip.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you’re thinking of planning a cycle touring adventure, get on it!

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