Video – A Very Fast 2013

I was tinkering around with my phone in bed this morning as I had a huge pot of tea and not one, but two cats on my lap. Normally I don’t use my phone in bed but I couldn’t reach my book thanks to the cats, and I am the kind of person who can’t just sit there and ‘be.’

So I started playing around with an app that lets you edit your phone photos into a short video, selecting pics from 2013 to make an overview of my year. I wasn’t planning on selecting quite so many; I thought that I’d reach some kind of limit imposed by the app, but it never came so I kept on clicking, selecting and adding photos – there were just too many good moments from 2013 that I wanted to include.

Looking at the video now, I can see that I missed out billions of things! Morocco, the minidrome, numerous skateparks, stunt doubling on a feature film….. No wonder 2013 went so quickly, it’s like my feet barely touched the ground!

When it came to exporting the video, I realised that 300 images for a 30 second video were perhaps a little too many – so please don’t have a fit watching my 2013 flash by your eyes! The quality isn’t great – it’s made in ten minutes on an phone, and yeah, I could have made a better, higher quality video using my proper editing software, but sometimes simple, quick and easy is what I’m after.

Looking back over 2013 really made me smile. 2012 was not without it’s (significant) problems for me, so I’m extra grateful for all the good times I had – not least the fantastic weather over the summer. May 2014 be equally as good!

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