Vice Mag shoot and Emily’s Party

On Saturday I pedalled up to Epping Forest to do a shoot for Vice Magazine with the mountain bike. It was pretty cold and I was not wearing enough clothes… never a suprise when shooting for Vice! Hahaha! I think its gonna be out sometime in March. The ride was great though, plus I got paid cash. Yeah! Its so good to get out of London and Epping Forest is so close that I dont know why I don’t do it more often. Its really hard to get organised enough and it seems like I am always busy.

Anyway, after a nice ride, what better than a few beers and a party? We ended up having so much fun at the weekend that Emily set fire to her bedroom… Unintentionally! Somebody suggested ‘mood lighting’ so Emily got the candles out. She was woken later when the candle had burned all the way through the floor and dropped down into the cavity above the suspended ceiling. It set fire to all the dust and burnt a massive hole until it was put out with some cups of tea that were lying around. SHIT! I am so happy everyone is still alive. It would have been a miserable christmas otherwise!


Before the chaos, we made some Christmas decorations for the tree. This is my black metal gingerbread man. A whole plate of these was dropped on the floor shortly after we finished making them. Emily was pretty annoyed when she found out.

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