Valentine’s Karmasutracat

On Valentine’s day I headed down to Tour De Ville for the Karmasutracat.  I was gonna get my bike washed as all the proceeds were going to chairty but I was too busy riding it…..

bike wash

The alleycat was a point to point race with 10 checkpoints all over town. One of the checkpoints was a cabbie’s caff underneath Harrow Road and I kid you not when I tell you it took me about an hour to find it. It was impossible! Plus I had to ask another cabbie where Back Passage was which I found pretty amusing….

God knows how long it took me to get round the checkpoints but I managed to make it back before the race was closed/all the people on the check points had left. And as reported over at House Of Pistard, I very nearly got DFL  but I also managed to get to get second girl. So I got a voucher for Tour De Ville. Thanks guys! Please save that Eddie Merckx book for me.

Oh yeah, and I spotted Keith and Jos from TDV in the current issue of Cycling Weekly. It has been said that the photo makes Keith looks like a peado and Jos looks like he is catching flies.  I am just reporting back what other people said…..! Haha. Here’s a better snap of Keith

keith and dunstan at tour de ville

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