I was delighted to be approached by the guys are Urban Cyclist for an interview recently, deemed urban enough despite currently residing in a tiny village thanks to my connection with racing city centre crits, such as Red Hook.

Nonetheless, a photo shoot in our village of thatched cottages didn’t seem appropriate so I hopped on a train up to Bristol to meet the editor, photographer and writer for a day in the city.



In between talking at about five million words a minute in an effort to explain my somewhat complicated and diverse career so far, we shot some photos on my old, soon to be retired track bike complete with Fast Forward F6T tubular wheels.

The resulting six page spread and cover are in the shops now, so grab a copy to find out more about my life before cycling, which seems like ages ago now. Who’d have thought that having a few bikes stolen and getting into riding fixed gear bikes as a result would have led me to where I am now?

A big thanks to the Urban Cyclist team for including me!

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