Its been a year since the trick night on the roof in Spitalfields started happening. It’s always a good night; a great way to meet new people, learn new stuff, get tips, ride bikes, hang out. More info on the tricks night here. Come along if you get the chance!


I went on Tuesday and Bristly had managed to get hold of some free tickets to the Prince Charles Cinema as prizes for the tricks comp.

RIMG0018The first one was a backwards race – you had to ride backwards from one end of the roof to the other with the first person to get there taking the prize. I can’t ride backwards yet so I didnt do that one but got involved in some of the other comps. There was a wheelie bunny hop comp where you had to do as many bunny hops in a wheelie as you could. I managed one to rim ding and that was in but I think Gus may have managed about five.

I finally managed to give Mark Skulls the Hell Yeah t shirt that I’ve been promising him! Mark’s a great artist and drew the Fixed Fun For Everyone/BM shirt.


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