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I’m really pleased to be writing for the newly launched Total Women’s Cycling site. I’ve got a couple of long term product reviews up there including an article about the best SPDs I ever bought plus a piece about the need (or lack of a need, depending on how you see it) for equal prize money for men and women.

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“As a women in the action sports industry, I’ve long believed in equal opportunities for men and women; I make no apologies about my feminist standpoint and champion female athletes over their male counterpoints in an effort to redress the balance, skewed as it is by many centuries of womankind being forced into the background. Not so many generations ago, women were still denied the opportunity to travel independently, participate in any sport or free themselves from either the kitchen stove or a boring life of embroidery and poetry and whilst we’re undeniably on a more even footing in the 21st century than at any time in the entire history of humankind, millennia of hiding in the shadows of our husbands and fathers cannot be brushed away without trace…”

For the full article, head over to Total Women’s Cycling.

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