Mosher Hubba Ledge

I’ve had the odd update from Tom Mosher on his grand tour and it sounds like he is having a blast. I wont give too much away as I think he is filming a bunch of stuff and I wouldn’t want to spoil it but I did see that he had hit up the Hubba ledge in SF!  Tom has been giving both bike and body a bit of a beating on this trip but has two weeks in Hawaii to recover once he has done throwing himself around. Lucky sod!

The new Gang Gang dance CD turned up on my desk today. It sucks. Do not buy it.


Still, I am going to see Judas Priest, Megadeth and Testament tomorrow though so that should make up for it. Halford was soooo funny last time; he rode onto the stage on a shiny leather fringed motorbike wearing a floor length studded leather coat and mirrored aviators. Tee hee! I think I am gonna be very hungover for Sunn 0))) on Sunday. I reckon that goddam base is gonna kill me.

[Mosher pics  by Edsel D]

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