Tom Lamarche and Tony Fast in London

Tom LaMarche and Tony Fast touched down in the UK before heading off to Paris and Germany on the Fixed Gear London Euro tour. It was great to get to meet them both, and even better that they are gonna be back here for Tony’s birthday before they fly home. Tony told me that the timing of this trip had been planned around Amebix playing in New York so I hope their plane isn’t delayed….

More on this on my Charge blog, along with a photo of me looking funny in road gear.

Also, I ordered my new Hell Yeah shirts so I should have them in stock sometime this week. Unfortunately I am gonna be putting the price up a bit as I was only making about 20 pence a shirt before – and that’s not counting all the ones I just give away… I reckon I need a bit of a rethink… maybe I should pay a bit more attention to what I am doing!

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