I’ve just finished watching editing my video of Thundercrit so I gave it a watch all the way through before uploading it to my YouTube channel and I quickly realised that all the footage of me complaining about feeling ill is preceded by a clip of me drinking beer! So before we go any further, I thought I’d let you guys know that I had JUST ONE TINY BEER on Friday night, so that’s definitely not why I woke up feeling rubbish. If anything, what I needed was to relax and feel good after a pretty stressful week, so the beer probably helped.



Truth be told, last week I flew back from New York, had insomnia for two nights running, had a really difficult and upsetting meeting, felt under the weather and then boom, got my period as well. It’s something that athletes are loath to talk about, because it’s kinda seen as impolite or some nonsense but for some women, myself included, it makes competition really, really difficult. Put it this way, I basically want to curl in a ball and stay in bed cuddling cats all day and tend to start sobbing if anything even remotely sad happens, so trying to be all brave, strong and confident and put myself out there in a race situation is a challenge. Dealing with it when you’re already feeling run down is even tougher.


Photos: Jess Morgan NTLCBMBC


Obviously, the world can’t stop once a month and I wouldn’t have missed Thundercrit 2 for the world, no matter how crap I felt because:

a> It’s put on by my friends NTLCBMB

b> Dave was racing so I was going to be there anywhere

c> I love racing and don’t get to do it enough

Despite feeling rubbish and even at some points wishing I could get the day over with and return to bed, I did actually enjoy myself a great deal at Lee Valley Velopark, in fact it truly hit home just how much fun I had when I saw the photos afterwards – I’m smiling in pretty much every one.

If you’d like to find out how my day went, check out my new video:




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