This K cider is really good!

Since going freelance I have been very busy indeed! Mainly partying, sleeping and getting ill. Actually, I’m having a couple of weeks relaxing before it all kicks off next week with lots of exciting stuff.

Anyway, I was invited over to my friend Steve’s house today so that we could work together andI thought I would bring him some lunch. After much futile wandering around Morrison’s I gave up as I couldnt decide what to buy but when I rode past the China Store in Dalston I was reinspired; maybe I have been reading the Shop14 noodle posts foo frequently… Anyway I popped in to pick up some ‘goodies’. Yeah right…..

First up we tried the fish lollipops. These were so sweet that you couldn’t taste that much fish. Which was definitely a good thing. They were very chewy.

Next up was the one and only nice thing – the wasabi flavoured seaweed wrapped crackers. These come with a double thumbs up.

The worst thing was this horrible bowl of noodles. I think I accidentally added the sachet of silicon which you aren’t meant to eat. That kinda freaked me out but Steve made me try them anyway. They were a slimy green mess of nastiness.

And Steve’s contribution to this gourmet lunch? A can of K cider. Considering I turned down free tickets to Reading (with free bar) as I’m ill, I’m not sure why I am sitting here drinking cider at 2 in the afternoon. Oh yeah, its coz it’s 8.4%.

Anyway, the soundtrack to today’s proceedings is awesome… go check out Charlie Wooley’s radio show and send him some requests. He’s playing Tyrannosaurus Rex, ‘Woodland Bop’ for me right now and yesterday we got Electric Wizard. Check it out here


Steve and I are djing tonight at KOKO if we don’t drink too much cider this afternoon. Come down

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