I’m selling the Vivalo – frame, fork, Hatta Swan headset, DuraAce BB. Its 50cm so its too small for me really. I do LOVE the Vivalo but the problem is I’m always chucking my stuff around and it’s hard to keep such a sweet bike in good nick. I can’t really be bothered with being a fanny and getting annoyed when people bang their chains on my bike when they’re locking up. Plus I only ever wanna ride my trick bike these days, such is my love affair with the Scissor .

I’m after 400 notes, so drop me a line if you are interested. The wheels are up for grabs too – they’re System Ex hubs laced to Mavic CXP 22’s so nothing fancy. The rest of the parts, I’m keeping for when I have more room and more money to get another NJS frame.

Speaking of the Scissor, they were meant to be out last Autumn but in the end production was delayed whilst the design was perfected. They are now on sale in the States where the distributor has sold out entirely so get a wriggle on if you want one. They’ll be in shops in the UK any moment now. More Charge info on my Charge blog here or the Charge site here

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