Met up with some of the guys from The Revival yesterday and took them down the Kennington Bowl and Stockwell. I took my BMX as I fancied riding it at the skatepark and Minh Ai had her first go on one. Unfortunately she stacked it and ended up splitting her chin in the same place I did mine and getting three stitches.

You can’t see how much Minh Ai’s chin looked like corned beef in this picture:

We took the Canadians (wait, actually, I think Kati might be American…) but we took the Vancouver contingent to the classiest of classy British joints, Wetherspoons whilst we waited for Minh Ai to get stitched. They have guest ale for £1.69 at the moment so its a goddam shame I don’t like ale! Still its bloody cheap and I like it. Apart from the Stoke Newington branch which has a higher quota of nutters than some of them and a local I dislike who wears a pith helmet.

Hangin at The ‘Spoons:

Anyway, seeing as I am wittering on about nothing, I’ll let you in to what is occupying me today, at least what is occupying me between the work I am doing….

Its this: which and where. Decisions, decisions……

So, The Revival will be showing this Saturday, the 21st November and Shop 14 in London. After that, there will be premiers in Paris, Rotterdam, and somewhere in Germany, possibly Cologne, I forget. Check it out if you get a chance!

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