The Highs and Lows Of Cross Racing

CX Stover School Cyclocross


After my first ever summer of training a racing, when the crit season drew to a close I was left mourning the loss of an activity I’ve very quickly grown to love, so despite a couple of spirit crushing races in the past, a couple of weeks ago I decided to give Cyclocross another chance. What I really would prefer to be doing over winter is racing Track, but with the nearest velodrome a five-hour round trip that includes astronomical charges to cross the bridge into Wales, track simply isn’t an option.

Brooks Cambium C13 CX Stover School Cyclocross 2

With the cross season fast drawing to a close, admittedly, I left it a little late, but never having particularly enjoyed ‘cross in the past I wasn’t exactly wildly motivated. I left it until the South West Cyclocross Series came to the venue nearest me – Stover School – so that I wouldn’t have to travel too far in order to make my lungs bitterly complain whilst they struggle for oxygen.

Find out how I got on in my piece ‘When Cross Makes You Cry’ on the Brooks Blog.

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