Ted’s face/Brick to Brixton/Charge Bucket

Ted turned up on Saturday with nine stitches in his face! Riding his BMX the night before, he’d hopped onto a pavement then was weaving back and forth in the same spot waiting for someone when he totally ate shit and ground his face into the pavement. He left half his eyebrow on the floor and had to be sewn up in the middle of the night. Oh dear.


We had a few drinks in London Fields (for a change…!) then went over Steve’s for an inpromtu jam session. I came up with some riffs I liked but I’ve now forgotten the. Dur….

After that we hooked up with Nina and went to a house party. Georgie wasn’t allowed in so we sat on the street like bums.


On Sunday I went and checked out the BMX point to point race. I rode a BMX for the first time on Saturday and LOVED it but anyway, I thought for some reason that you couldn’t go that fast on them. WRONG. I couldn’t catch up with anyone of them once the race had started.

The race finished up at the skatepark in Brixton. I had a roll around on Taliban Tom’s bike but it felt pretty twitchy compared to the one I rode on Saturday and I was pretty hungover too. And there were a lot of people there too and I kinda got that skatepark shyness thing. Gotta go back and ride there again.



Emily turned up with a lovebite on her neck! hahaha!


We decided to go to the fair.

RIMG0091and went on the best ride ever! Should have been for three quid though!


Emily and I loved it though and couldn’t stop grinning! non stop fun!


And I put my new Charge Bucket saddle on. They’re made on the old Turbo last (like the Grunge saddles) and look so good! Can’t believe they’re only gonna be £16.99 when they come out at the beginning of October!


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