Camille McMillan & Hartley Cycles at Bespoked

I first met photographer Camille McMillan at Eroica Britannia last year, where he cut a dashing figure swaggering around in a silk scarf shooting images and taking rides on a motorbike under the Brooks England banner. I was immediately curious […]

Behind The Lens With Dave Noakes

I’m fortunate enough to be married to a talented, super gorgeous man who also happens to be obsessed with bikes. I really hit the jackpot when I snared him. One of Dave‘s many talents is photography, so it’s very often him […]

Coven Magazine Issue 5. Have A Gander!

The 5th issue of Coven Magazine has just been released, both in print and online. The online version is available to view right here, right now, and the lovely printed copies should be arriving at our stockists nationwide today. Read […]

More Euro pics

My camera battery didnt charge properly before I left England so I couldn’t take pictures the second half of my trip. Just got these through though courtesy of Arnaud. Thanks dude This  antique of a computer and shitty internet connection […]

Paris trip…

I had a meeting in Paris on Wednesday about something dead exciting which I am not allowed to reveal just yet. So I randomly decided to go to Paris the day before to get some riding in and just to […]