180s at Tottenham Rec

Had a good session today! Started off at 9am at the new BMX track on the wee bike then went and swopped to the fixed and headed to Tottenham Rec. Decided to give 180s a go and managed to get […]

Nose manual in La Defense

The day after the trick comtest in Paris we went riding in La Defense. It was a beautifully hot, sunny day and La Defense is full of great stuff to ride. It was also full of people so maybe a […]

Trick, Trick Boom/Lodown Magazine

Just so I can confuse myself even more about which posts to put on which blogs and sites, I now contribute to Lodown Magazine. I’ve written a short piece for them on the Paris Trick, Trick Boom competition last weekend […]

Brenton Salo’s Portland photos

I’ve been meaning to post these pics since I got them from Brenton Salo but I have been really busy with meetings and whatnot. The good thing is that Posy and I are now working with Knog lights so we’ll […]

Fixed Mag, Fixed Females

The latest issue of F ixed mag features an article on the women of fixed gear, written by and featuring yours truly. Take a peek and read about some of the top fgfs ladies.

Download Fixed Mag 3

Get the digital version of Fixed Mag 3 if you can’t get your hands on a solid copy. Click ME Here’s my pic from the mag taken by my lovely friend Sam Hart.

Charge Scissor prototype

I went round Fixed Gear London for a look at the new Charge Scissor frame that Ted and Tom La Marche are gonna be riding. It looked nice and felt lighter than my frame. The fork looked particularly good – […]

Filming with Alex Rankin

Went out filming with Alex Rankin yesterday for a Charge podcast. I had a really good day despite having the hangover from HELL. We did a few tricks up on the roof in Spitalfields, rode a BMX track up near […]