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A couple of nights ago I was sat in a golf club at a table of six. My husband and I had joined an octogenarian, Ken and his wife plus a couple we’d never met before. After sharing names, the first question was ‘do you cycle?’ so by way of introduction, I explained that I’d just competed in the road race Ken had put on. We tried to remember who sang the song ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ (answer: Depeche Mode) and laughed mightily about our lack of ‘modern’ musical knowledge whilst on the other side of the room, a national champion scribbled down his answer and a teenager sipped Coca-Cola and looked over his shoulder.



This was a quiz night organised by my cycling club, Mid Devon CC, one of many events the club put on throughout the year. During a break I chatted to a friendly chap with curly hair, trying to remember what bike he rode so I could place him – people look so different when they’re not wearing helmetsand Lycra. As I did so, Tour de France veteran and former teammate of Tom Simpson, Colin Lewis wandered over to the bar….



This is a guest post originally written for Brooks England.

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