Superted lost his bike (again)

Ted isn’t quite sure how this happened….. but he lost his bike last night. He has a pretty dodgy track record of losing bikes around East London on a night out and having no recollection of how the next day. What really sucks about the one he lost last night is that he built it and designed it himself and we are all going to Frankfurt on Friday and he now doesn’t have a bike to take. So keep yer eyes peeled for it!

This is the bike we are looking for:

Pic by goooove08

Its the ESB model which Ted designed and makes for Shop 14. When I popped into Ted’s workshop to say hi earlier, he told me that an engineer had just been in to see him as Shop 14 would like to make this bike in bigger quantites and Ted can’t keep up with the demand on his own. Looks like Ted will continue to make the super nice high end fillet brazed version whilst they will outsource the cheaper but still badass tig welded version.

Unless he finds it, this is the bike Ted will be taking to Bright in Frankfurt this weekend:

Better get working Ted!

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