Yes, I’m English so I talk about the weather all the bloody time. But anyway, to continue.. the weather has been so good! Ive got a sun tan and freckles already from being outside on my bike a lot. So I haven’t been writing much here.

SO last weekend we all got up early to ride the route of the London Marathon before it started as it was a great chance to ride the roads clear of any traffic. We stayed in the night before or we wouldn’t have got up. Emily made us some dinner:

And we tried to get Minh Ai’s parrot to say stuff.

Despite getting up at 6am, we were still late and got kicked off the course half way through. Not to worry.

Tom wore a dress for some reason. I think it was as his was riding with all the girls…. I THINK>>>>>> Hmm.

Later on he added the poncho:

So we’ve been doing a lot of riding and a lot of basking in the sunshine. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW! You might not be as impressed as I was with this AMAZING piece of animation though…..

Gutted for Dunny: he broke his collar bone with only four weeks to go before his degree show at the Royal Academy. Harsh times! Heal up soon Dunny!

I’m off to Dublin today with my bike. I’m looking forward to riding in a new city and drinking proper Guinness!

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