Anyone who says the modelling industry doesn’t promote eating disorders is lying. I remember when I was working as both a model and a snowboarder, it was a bloody nightmare sometimes – on the one hand I was trying to eat enough to build strong muscles for power and stability and spend up to eight hours a day riding, and on the other hand I had someone telling me I needed to watch my weight as my waist size had crept from 24 inches to 25 and making snide remarks about my figure. I’m not gonna lie, the whole experience made me pretty uncomfortable and it’s one of the biggest reasons I didn’t stay in the fashion industry for long.

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Though some might argue that things are a little different nowadays (I disagree!), when I was modelling you had to be TEENY TINY! And I was, at least I thought I was… Until someone explained that ‘model thin’ is different to thin. I tried being hungry for a bit but all I could think about was food and I got very grumpy. Adios, fashion week!


My experiences as a model made me obsess far too much about what I was eating, so thank god for cycling, which helped my shrug that off. Now I  eat what I bloody well want thank you very much, and I’m fit, strong and happy. Whereas cake was once supposedly off limits, now I eat as much of it as I like, and if you want to take my photo, you get what you’re given.

I really love cake, always have. Me and my Dad have always snuck off for secret slices, ever since I was a wee nipper. Last week I had a bit of fun working out  much extra energy you burn when commuting by bike and weighing it up against various sugary treats. Wanna have a read? 

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