Things have been mega hectic with work, not least as the fourth issue of Coven Magazine is nearing completion. But grumpy girls don’t work well, so I always find time for a ride or a trip to the gym.

This week, I hit up Pro Cycle Centre for a session on the jump box and tried to get to grips with moving the bike around in the air, rather than just going straight. Seems like step one is complete, and now I just need to work on giving it a bit more welly.


Next up was a trip to Haldon on the Charge Duster. I thought mountain biking sucked when I moved here having spent hours grinding up hills at a pace to rival a snail. Turns out I’d never experienced the fun side and now that I have, I can’t get enough.

Yesterday I headed up to Churston Woods for some exploration. Amazing that such a beautiful place lies so close to my home! Next time I’ll take a tent, some beers, some kindling and sausages and make a night of it. Can’t wait for the year’s first camping trip!

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