Something ordinary made special

Sometimes in our efforts to do more, see more and live more we can if our efforts to do something epic we can miss what’s happening right in front of our faces. Adventure doesn’t need to be big, it doesn’t need to be epic and it doesn’t need to involve expense, travel or much time away from home. All that adventure requires is that you see the world with fresh eyes.

I often really overthink or overdo things so for my most recent excursion I wanted to keep things really simple and just do something I do everyday but do it with a new slant. And what’s simpler than taking your morning coffee outside?

Bypassing the kettle and toaster I switched my Garmin, heart rate monitor and power meter for a stove, some coffee and Tribe bars and headed out the door still sleepy eyed like I used to when I commuted.

I took every path and trail I’d ever eyed up but not ridden, piecing together an on-road and on-road ride through lanes, parks, bridleways and paths. I’d left the map and phone at home as I wanted to connect with my surrounding and my instinct. Several times I had to turn around.

When I finally made it to a location that seemed suitably picturesque I fired up the stove and made short work of two Tribe bars whilst I sipped the resulting brew. Bliss.

My homegrown adventure took taken zero prep, little time and no money. It felt both small and significant; it was so simple and easy but the impact on my day was huge.

With that in mind, I plan to rethink the way I do many things in 2019.

The bars I took along for my breakfast were a Tribe cocao and orange energy bar, which tastes amazing – just like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and the Infinity Energy chocolate salted caramel bar. I’m a Tribe ambassador so if you’d like to try a selection box for £1 and have it delivered to your house for free, use my code: JULIETELLIOTT at the checkout.


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