Some Indoor Training Exercises to Keep you sane

I’ve been told that I seem like a rather laid back kinda lady. Odd really, because though I am pretty chilled about some things, I’m actually a real worrier and once I get a bee in my bonnet about something I can become sometimes quite crippled with anxiety. I find it very hard to let stuff go – I endlessly ruminate and that’s one of the reasons I very much need cycling in my life.


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Unfortunately, one of the side effects of adopting a slightly more formalised training routine (in June, last year) is that I’ve now given myself one more thing to be anxious about – namely not training! I get really quite angsty if I can’t fit in the workout I’ve planned, fretting that I’m losing my fitness, I won’t be able to keep up in any races, my next club run will be too fast etc. etc. You name it, I worry about it.

In order to stave off the madness somewhat and to take full advantage of my strong desire to be active, I’ve a grab bag of indoor training ideas to dip into so I can at least do something if my outdoor plans are thwarted by weather, life, work, whatever.

My recent guest post on the Velovixen site details some of these. Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments. In my next post, I’ll go into greater details about some of the turbo training and body weight exercises that I do to compliment my training, so stay tuned for the next instalment!


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