This weekend I went down to All Tomorrow’s Parties at Butlins in Minehead. Butlins is a very strange place indeed – apparently it was used for soldiers or something during the war and then some entrepreneur turned it and the other ones around the country into holiday camps. I have to say that if I ever had the misfortune of going on holiday to one of these places I would probably drink bleach. However, ATP was AMAZING!

matt pike


I missed Electric Wizard on Friday night because of work comittments and I was frankly gutted. Every time I am meant to see them, my plans are thrwarted. But all was made up for by the almighty Sleep who played Saturday AND Sunday night. And I watched them from the side of the stage on Sunday when I sat with my girlfriends and floated off into a dream. Man, they were sooooo good. I love their hypnotic and repetive riffs that build into crushingly brutal heaviness. Ooh yeah. Now I can’t listen to anything except ‘Holy Mountain’; its become a mania. My boss thinks it’s absolute rubbish.

When I got back these stupid shoes had turned up. I did a shoot with Valerie Phillips a while back and got free Nike ID shoes as payment. I thought I might as well fucking going for it and make something super stupid and this is the result. They’re kind of amazing but I can’t wear them as I feel like a complete dickhead… I usually wear the most non-descript Vans imaginable. They are far, far brighter than they look in this picture.

stupid shoes

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