Slayer on Halloween at Hammersmith

I went to see Slayer on Friday night and we all dressed up. Well actually, some of us just put some makeup on.

Slayer were AMAZING! I heard they played the whole on Reign In Blood the night before but when I saw them it was a mixed set and it was GREAT!!!!! Sanna and I positioned ourselves right down the front and got covered in other peoples sweat and our arses pinched.

Jeff Hanneman kicks Kerry Kings ass every time with his solos. Kerry King just plays as many notes as he can, as fast as he can, wherease Hanneman’s solos have lot more to them. They’re way better thought out, more interesting, more musical. Don’t get me wrong, Kerry King is an amazing player and all, its just that he is more interested in proving that every time he plays a solo rather than constructing something that fits better with the song.

Anyway, everyone’s outfits were really good:

Steve Crobar went as one of the Cobra Kai’s from Karate Kid. Specifically one from the Halloween party scene.

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