Skid comp/neil young/lock in/first tattoo

Oooh, had so much fun this weekend.

Started off in Haggerston Park for the skid comp and a few beers. I sucked at the skid comp- my first try I went for it getting my hips forward over the bars but failed to lock my legs and didn’t even skid. My second try I rode like a pussy at about two miles an hour and produced a measly three metre skid or something. I was shit at the trackstand comp and rubbish at the footdown too! I was very good at drinking beer though; that’s something in which I excel!


Massey decided to set his wheel on fire for the flaming skidtles and then couldnt get it out. God knows how his rims and tyres are looking now.


On Saturday I went to Hyde Park to see Neil Young, the living legend. I wonder if Neil Young wakes up in the morning and thinks, ‘Holy shit, I’m Neil fucking Young!’ It was great to see him; I’m a big fan and I’ve never seen him before but unfortunately it was too quiet really, probably due to sounds restrictions because of where it was. And he didnt play my favourite song, Revolution Blues. Still ace though.


After that we went rode back east, mucked about and ended up at my new favourite pub, The Stag’s Head for a lock in. The Stag’s Head looks like a proper east end boozer inside and has a great beer garden, free barbecues on a Sunday, regular lock ins and pool for 50p. Can’t go wrong with that.


And on Sunday I did my first tattoo. The first line was pretty shaky but I was well into by the end… which was about thirty seconds later as it was only tiny. It was really, really fun and I want to do more! I renamed the saint.


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