Shaun White Redbull Party

I went to the Shaun White video game launch last night. Like all pikeys we set about drinking as much as we could as fast as we could as soon as we got there, thinking that the drinks would run out. And they never did!

Kat stuck us in cabs with our bicycles to make sure we got home in one piece but Mel fell out of the cab onto her face! Holy shit! Her face is mash up!


The party was really good fun though. I danced a lot. So did these guys:


Will didnt. He doesnt do dancing.


I won these!


Last time I was dancing was at the Document/Slam party and I woke up with a black eye. I still dont know how I got it. My appearance is unscathed today but I feel ROUGH. Thank you Redbull and thank you Vodka.

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