Second time lucky at Corby

I made it back up to Corby to Adrenaline Alley and it was open this time. The place is amazing with lots of different stuff to ride. If one section gets busy you can just go ride something else.

corby skatepark adrenaline alley

There was a nice bowl at the back that I started off sessioning then we moved onto the street course which was ok but not probably the top draw of Corby. There was a kinda rhythm section which started off with a step up then you could go over some tables or cut across and go over the resi ramp.

Just in case you don’t know what a resi ramp is, its a cushioned ramp for learning stuff on. There was a resi midi as well but it was slippery as hell. Actually all the resi stuff is pretty slippery – I was riding the resi ramp and landed fine but slipped out at the end and landed with the only button left on my shirt poking me in the nipple. It really hurt! HAAAHHA! What a retarded way to hurt yourself. Duh.

There is also a foam pit which you can huck yourself into.  I fired myself off it to try some really tweaked out airs. Good job I landed in foam as I would definitely not have landed them on the ramps.

Pics stolen without permission from Dave Noakes. Thanks to Lee for driving

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