As a freelancer, my job is pretty varied, and that’s just the way I like it! As one of my favourite things is riding bikes, reviewing them for various publications can be pretty awesome if it’s a good ‘un, ‘oh what, I actually have to go out riding, it’s part of my job, you say, oh woe is me!’….


Most recently, I reviewed the Scott Contessa CR1 Team for Total Women’s Cycling, a pretty reasonably priced carbon machine which I enjoyed putting through it’s paces around Devon. If you’d like to hear what I thought about it, head on over to Total Women’s Cycling and have a look.

Oh, and I think my brain has finally been warped by cycling – I remember when I bought my first NJS track frame for £250, I thought it was obscenely expensive, but these days under £2000 seems quite a bargain! Ha!

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