Scissor mk 2 prototype built up

I built up the new Charge Scissor prototype over the weekend. It feel ACE! I put Profile BMX cranks on it and it feels really solid and stable with the greater width. Gonna be so good for jumping stuff!

So, the new bike is:

The Charge Scissor prototype, scheduled for release towards the end of the year PLUS:

Charge Scissor fork, Profile cranks and chainring, Charge dish wheels, Charge masher half link chain, Gusset prison riser bars, Eclat b/b and stem, Charge chopstick seatpost and new Charge saddle, Starfuckers pedals, ZLDA straps.

Thanks to Nick and Jim at Charge for sending over the new frame for me to try and thanks to Keith, John and Odge at 14 Bike Co for helping me put it together.

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