I’ve come out to the Roxy Chicken Jam in Kaprun, Austria, to film and interview people for Cooler and Mpora.

The very nice people at Vans and Oakley sent me a care package so I don’t look like a fool in my antiquated old gear. Thank you very much! I have some super nice things to wear now plus I am all warm and cosy, which is good as I’m a bit ill. Despite self medicating to the max, sometimes you just gotta wait it out and let the bug run it’s course. I ran out of  the stronger painkillers and anyway its not a good idea to take that shit all the time so here is my alternative; a winter arsenal of clothing and drugs:



Kaprun is a beautiful place and I’m so lucky to be here in the mountains. Roxy have done a really good job of taking care of everyone and making sure that the riders are comforatable and happy.

Today were the qualifications which were pretty uneventful as the conditions were pretty poor – the jumps were running slow and a lot of the girls were having trouble getting enough speed to try the tricks they wanted to do. The forecast for tomorrow is good though and a lot of the big guns like Cheryl Maas, Torah Bright, Leanne Pelosi et al got straight through to the finals so it’ll be really good to get to watch them ride and clock up some good footage. I interviewed a few of them tonight and you couldnt find a nicer bunch of people. Despite the fact they are competing for over $50,ooo of prize money, the atmosphere is really good. The main difference from when I used to compete is that nowadays no one parties the night before the event…. so they are all safely tucked up in bed as I head down to the bar to join all the other filmers, photographers and journalists. But tomorrow there is a masked ball in a castle to finish up the weekend so I’m sure they’ll all be out in force for that.

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