Roxy Chicken Jam part 2

So part two of the Roxy Jam was just a party. Well I say just a party, but it was a pretty good one, it was in a castle and you had to wear a mask.  I managed to get in at 4.30 am despite claiming  at the start of the evening that I was not gonna party much. Why do I always say that? hahaha! The real shitter was that I had to set my alarm for 7.30 so we could get up travel back to England.

I managed to get up and actually didnt feel that bad, then after staggering to the breakfast room and stuffing myself with bacon and eggs, I realised that I was actually still drunk. I managed to get some cat naps in on the journey home but I was feeling less than perfect by the time I reached London.

Anyway, the competition that I went out to film was cancelled because of high winds. Luckily I managed to film a shit load of interviews with all the pros so I’m going to edit together a behind the scenes piece for Cooler Mag so at least I can get paid a little bit… Still I cant say the trip was a waste of time because it was fun! But its a shame I missed a bunch of shows including Iron Lung and Municipal Waste while I was away.

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